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Locking Refrigeration By Accucold

When it comes to security, Accucold offers a variety of locking options to meet your precise needs. Many of our compact and undercounter refrigerators and freezers come standard with front mounted factory locks, while almost all can be upgraded with locking keypads for added convenience. Discuss your needs with our sales staff to create the locking refrigerator or freezer that's right for you.

Keypad Locks (Battery or AC-Powered)

Eliminate lost keys forever with the convenience of a keypad lock. Available on most of our refrigeration line, we offer a battery powered and AC powered option. Great for facilities where security is a priority, and where a trusted but busy staff would prefer keyless operation. Keypad locks accept 10 user codes plus the master.

LLF2 Combination Locks

Available on most two-door units, the LLF2 is a unique lock that secures both doors with a dial combination locking system. A key is also included to override the combination. This lock is mounted in the center of the unit and does not add any external width.

Standard Keyed Locks (Front, Side, or Top-Mounted)

Most Accucold or Summit units that include the letter "L" towards the end of their model number include a factory installed key lock. All locking units ship with two keys.

Interior Locking Compartments

Select refrigerators can be ordered with an interior lock box installed inside the unit. Ideal for storing evidence or certain pharmaceuticals, the lock box compartment includes our LLF2 combination lock to ensure proper security. We also offer units with multiple locking interior compartments, such as our popular FFAR10LOCKER with nine separate locked sections.

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