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MED2 Refrigeration By Accucold

Accucold introduces a new series of medical grade refrigeration specially engineered to meet the strict standards set for vaccine storage by the CDC and VFC. Available in the most popular sizes for most medical and clinical facilities, these all-refrigerators and matching all-freezers include all the features specified by these agencies for proper storage, from NIST calibrated thermometers with continuous temperature displays and buffered temperature probes to fan-forced air circulation for more uniformity in temperature.

User-Friendly Control Panel With Integrated Alarm & Thermostat

Our front-located control panels make it easy for your staff to monitor and adjust the storage temperature without having to open the unit’s door and constantly risk exposing stored contents to ambient temperature. All units include a digital thermostat with a microprocessor controller for convenient temperature management. The thermometer’s display is front and center for easy viewing.

Interior Stability For Reliable Storage

Designed for reliability, our MED2 all-refrigerators include fan-forced cooling to ensure even temperature distribution throughout the interior. Wire shelves ensure optimum air circulation, while the foamed-in-place cabinet design provides efficient insulation. All units in this series have flat door liners as recommended by the CDC.

NIST Certification For Peace of Mind

We calibrate every thermometer probe in our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified laboratory for the utmost accuracy in temperature monitoring. All units ship with a NIST certificate of calibration for your facility’s records. The thermometer displays the current, minimum, and maximum temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree for improved precision, with an audible alarm that will sound if the unit goes out of range.

Engineered & Featured To Meet CDC & VFC Guidelines

Accucold’s MED2 line is specifically constructed to help your facility comply with the most current guidelines issued by the CDC and VFC for vaccine storage. The thermometer’s temperature probe is encased in a glycol-filled bottle and stored in a fixed box towards the center of the unit in order to best simulate temperature readings closest to the stored contents.

Fully Featured For Added Security & Facility Convenience

Each MED2 is thoughtfully designed and built to ensure safer, more user-friendly storage conditions. All models include factory installed locks (conveniently located towards the top of the door on undercounter models) to prevent staff from having to bend down to the floor. Hospital grade cords with ‘green dot’ plugs offer a stronger connection to wall sockets. This series also comes with an extended 2-year warranty for parts and labor and 5-year warranty on the compressor. All models undergo a thorough testing and quality control process before shipment.

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(32" Height)