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  • What is the difference between Summit and Accucold?

    Summit is our main brand for residential and hotel appliances. Most units that are branded "Summit" or "Summit Professional" are designed to meet residential standards for use in home settings. Accucold represents our medical and general purpose product line. Products under the Accucold brand are generally designed with special attention towards temperature performance and may include features (such as locks and heat sinks) that are requested by and required in the medical and hospital industry. 
  • What kind of refrigerator do I need to store vaccines?

    While some state health departments have very specific requirements for hospital refrigeration and vaccine storage, the most commonly followed guidelines for medical refrigeration come from the CDC. The CDC does not specifically recommend a particular brand or make of refrigerator, but they do provide key information to help facilities maintain proper storage temperatures. Some suggestions include:
    -Always using a standalone refrigerator or freezer, rather than a combination or “dormitory style” refrigerator-freezer
    -Using a unit that does not have door shelves or a crisper
    -Ensuring the refrigerator maintains temperature between 2º and 8ºC (35º to 46ºF)
    -Continuously monitoring the temperature inside the units, usually with a NIST calibrated thermostat and data logger
  • Can I have my thermometer, data logger, or alarm recalibrated? Do you offer recalibration services?

    Recalibration services are available for all Accucold and Summit alarms, data loggers, and thermometers. For more information, email 
  • What kind of thermometer do I need to record the temperature in my vaccine refrigerator?

    The CDC recommends that temperature is recorded via a NIST thermometer that provides continuous monitoring information and an active temperature display. The thermometer should include a Certificate of Traceability or Calibration report to ensure it has been calibrated to a recognized standard. The temperature probe should be located inside a glycol-filled bottle, which best simulated the actual refrigeration temperature. Standard probes that measure air may experience more temperature fluctuation with door openings or defrost cycles, while the glycol will better match the actual temperature of the vaccine. It is important to place the bottle in the same general area where the vaccines are stored, as a refrigerator can experience a temperature gradient between the top and bottom. It is also recommended that the thermometer includes a low battery indicator for added safety, and that it displays the current, minimum, and maximum temperature recorded since the last reading. A high/low temperature alarm that can be programmed by the user is also strongly recommended to prevent unsafe temperatures from damaging vaccines. 
  • Why does my refrigerator/freezer have a blue sticker that says "For Medical Use Only"?

    Accucold by Summit Appliance specializes in medical and general purpose refrigeration. Products under that brand will usually include a removable blue sticker that reads "For Medical Use Only/Not For Personal Storage." While this kind of warning is standard on a heavier duty vaccine unit, we also include it on our more basic Accucold units because these products may be used in facilities where they are designated for specific storage that should not mix with regular food items, such as a staff member's lunch items. 
    If you have further questions about whether your appliance is safe for food storage, contact us at or call 718-893-3900.