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Product Troubleshooting FAQ

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  • Where should I store vaccines inside the refrigerator? Is there a particular spot that is good or bad for storing vaccines?

    The ideal position for storing vaccines is the center of the unit, a few inches away from the rear wall. Typically, the top shelf is too closely located towards a cooling vent, while the floor is thermally isolated. As a result, both locations can experience colder temperatures than the rest of the refrigerator space. It is also strongly discouraged by the CDC to store any vaccines or sensitive materials on door shelves. This area is constantly exposed to ambient temperature, and will therefore experience warmer temperature and bigger fluctuations than the inside of the unit. 
  • Why does my refrigerator/freezer have a blue sticker that says "For Medical Use Only"?

    Accucold by Summit Appliance specializes in medical and general purpose refrigeration. Products under that brand will usually include a removable blue sticker that reads "For Medical Use Only/Not For Personal Storage." While this kind of warning is standard on a heavier duty vaccine unit, we also include it on our more basic Accucold units because these products may be used in facilities where they are designated for specific storage that should not mix with regular food items, such as a staff member's lunch items. 
    If you have further questions about whether your appliance is safe for food storage, contact us at or call 718-893-3900.
  • Why is my refrigerator too cold?

    There are several possible reasons for your unit running too cold:
    -Make sure that your thermostat controls are not set at the maximum setting or minimum temperature. 
    - Remember that a refrigerator and freezer run most efficiently when they are at least 30% loaded. If your unit is empty or near empty, this may explain the cold temperature. Add water bottles or freezer packs to help fill the unit. These will help to absorb the cold air and improve the overall temperature stability.
    - For refrigerator-freezer models, items stored on the top shelf of the freezer section may experience colder temperatures, as they are closest to the freezer air. Do not store sensitive items in this area, particularly towards the back of the shelf.
    -If you are using a thermometer to record the temperature, make sure the temperature probe is located towards the center of the unit. It should ideally be encased in a glycol-filled bottle to best simulate the temperature of stored contents, as opposed to just the air inside the refrigerator. 
  • What is the difference between "built-in", "undercounter", "freestanding", and "counter height"?

    Units described as being "freestanding" and/or "counter height" ventilate from the rear and therefore require proper ventilation clearance from the back, sides, and top. These units will not function properly if they are fully enclosed under a counter. Units described as "built-in"  and/or "undercounter" ventilate from the front and can be installed under a counter with minimum ventilation. Always consult your user manual for complete clearance and installation information. 
  • How do I re-calibrate my equipment

    Accucold's ISO certified laboratory provides calibration services for virtually all monitoring equipment. You can send your device and probe back to our facilities, where we will re-calibrate the probe and return it with a new NIST certificate. To learn more, visit