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ADA Compliant Refrigeration For Lower Counters

ADA guidelines can pose a challenge when designing and furnishing an office or clinic, but Accucold’s extensive line of 32” high appliances offers a reliable solution. With 18”, 20”, and 24” wide choices, Accucold offers a variety of refrigerators and freezers specially designed to fit under lower 34" high ADA compliant counters. Our lineup includes everything from basic locking refrigerators for general purpose storage to vaccine refrigerators and freezers specially engineered for uniform temperature performance in demanding medical and pharmaceutical applications.

ADA compliant equipment categories include:

Vaccine Storage All-Refrigerators

Vaccine Storage All-Freezers

FF511LBIVACADA built-in ADA compliant vaccine all-refrigerator

Frost-free ACF48WVACADA vaccine all-freezer for use under ADA compliant counters

Medical & Laboratory Undercounter Refrigerators

Medical & Laboratory Undercounter All-Freezers

SP6DS7MEDDTADA drawer refrigerator with digital controls and temperature alarm

20" wide FS407LBIMEDDTADA all-freezer with interior baskets

General Purpose All-Refrigerators

General Purpose All-Freezers

SCR600LBIADA glass door refrigerator for general purpose storage

VT65MCSSADA -25ºC all-freezer with stainless steel wrapped exterior

General Purpose Refrigerator-Freezers

Laundry & Dishwashers

CP351WLLMEDADA dual evaporator refrigerator-freezer with temperature alarm

DW18SS2ADA 18" wide European dishwasher

Virtually all models can be customized with a variety of features, from stainless steel handles to NIST calibrated temperature loggers. For more information, call our sales team at 718-893-3900.