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General Purpose & ADA Refrigerators

All-Refrigerators & Refrigerator-Freezers Ideal for Doctors’ Offices, Clinics, & Other Lighter Facility Applications

With a range of choices from countertop to chest style, Accucold carries one of the industry’s most complete lines of general purpose refrigeration products. For over 45 years, our selection has been a popular choice for nursing stations, clinics, physical therapy offices, and other settings in need of key product features with reliable temperature conditions.

ADA Compliant Refrigeration

Many government and medical facilities design their counters to comply with ADA guidelines, meaning the counter will be 34” high. Our ADA compliant line of refrigerators are sized between 32” and 32 ½” high, allowing them to be installed underneath these lower counters. Available in 18”, 20”, and 24” widths, we offer a variety of refrigerators and matching freezers to meet this challenging size demand.

Model FF511LBIADA 20" wide all-refrigerator sized for installation under lower ADA compliant counters

General Purpose Refrigeration

General Purpose Refrigeration

For alternate storage, we offer several general purpose fully constructed form stainless steel. Accucold’s general purpose refrigeration line includes a wide range of units fit for a variety of institutional applications.

PLUS2 Series

Models with the "PLUS2" suffix come standard with our lighter grade feature package, with an internal fan, hospital grade cord, and NIST calibrated thermometer with a temperature readout shown to the nearest tenth of a degree.

Choices For Every Customer

Door racks or flat liners? Wire shelves or glass? There are many choices when it comes to refrigeration, and we encourage you to use the filters on the left side of this page to help you locate the right unit for your needs.

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Popular General Purpose Refrigerators

FF511L7 Refrigerator Front
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34.0" H x 19.25" W x 21.38" D

(86cm H x 49cm W x 54cm D)

20" wide commercially approved counter height all-refrigerator, auto defrost with a lock and white exterior

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CP351WADA Refrigerator Freezer Front
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32.5" H x 18.5" W x 20.25" D

(83cm H x 47cm W x 51cm D)

ADA compliant ENERGY STAR listed two-door refrigerator-freezer with cycle defrost and zero degree freezer

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CM421BLADA Refrigerator Freezer Front
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32.5" H x 19.25" W x 21.38" D

(83cm H x 49cm W x 54cm D)

ADA compliant 20" wide freestanding refrigerator-freezer with a lock and black exterior

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FFAR10LOCKER Refrigerator Front
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55.0" H x 23.63" W x 23.5" D

(140cm H x 60cm W x 60cm D)

10.1 cu.ft. medical all-refrigerator with nine interior locking compartments

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BKRF21W Refrigerator Freezer Front
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70.5" H x 29.63" W x 31.75" D

(179cm H x 75cm W x 81cm D)

21 cu.ft. break room refrigerator-freezer in white with NIST calibrated alarm/thermometers

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CTR18LLF2 Refrigerator Freezer Front
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66.75" H x 29.63" W x 30.5" D

(170cm H x 75cm W x 77cm D)

18.2 cu.ft. refrigerator-freezer with dual combination lock and frost-free operation

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