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COVID-19 Product Inventory & Delivery Timing

Bronx, NY, January 11, 2021 - For your convenience, we now include estimated ship time on our COVID-19 Resource Page that breaks down the estimated lead time for popular vaccine storage products.

Updated daily for your convenience, it's a fast, reliable, and convenient way to check our COVID-19 stock, helping you to plan before your purchase!

COVID-19 Resource Page

To speak to someone regarding vaccine storage solutions, contact your Accucold representative today!

CDC Guidelines on COVID-19 Specimen Collection & Storage

Bronx, NY, November 11, 2020 - As the world continues to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, it anxiously awaits word on two fronts – a vaccine that can help to protect against the virus and its effects, and therapeutics that can assist in lessening the impacts of the virus once it is contracted.

While the world waits, it is important to remember that specimens are being collected from those who test positive and those who unfortunately die as a result of the virus. The collecting, handling, storing, and testing of COVID-19 specimens must be done under the strictest of guidelines.

For an overview of CDC storage guidelines, as well as vaccine storage solutions by Accucold, click here

To speak to someone regarding vaccine storage solutions, contact your Accucold representative today!

NEW Product Alert: ADA compliant All-Refrigerator

Bronx, NY, October 29, 2020 - Accucold's newest ADA compliant all-refrigerator is ideal for storing vaccines on a budget. The ACR45L series is less than 32" high for use under ADA compliant counters, with a 2-8ºC temperature range ideal for healthcare applications.

ACR45L * ACR45LCAL (with NIST calibrated thermometer)
31.5" H x 19.5" W x 22.75" D
2.65 cu.ft.


  • Less than 32" high to fit under ADA compliant counters

  • Built-in or freestanding in slim fit under 20"

  • Externally located digital controls with a 2-8ºC range

  • External display of the current and high/low temperature

  • Audible alarm if the temperature rises or falls out of set range

  • Temperature viewable in ºC or ºF at the touch of a button

  • Buffered temperature probe in glass bead-filled bottle

  • Fixed center shelf to hold the probe in the optimum position

  • 2 adjustable wire shelves

  • User-reversible door swing

  • Hospital grade cord with green dot plug

  • 3/8" probe hole for additional monitoring equipment

  • Frost-free operation with fan-forced cooling

  • Fixed center shelf to hold the probe in the optimum position

  • Commercially listed to NSF-7 standards

*This unit offers an upgraded design to our popular FF511LMED/MED2 series of 20" wide all-refrigerators.
For more information, contact your Accucold representative today!

NEW Product Alert: SPRF36M2 & SPRF86M2 Portable Refrigerator/Freezers

Bronx, NY, October 12, 2020 - Accucold brings advanced convenience to cold chain management with two new additions to our portable refrigeration series. Fully featured portable coolers that can be set at refrigerator or freezer temperatures for the storage of select specimens, vaccines, and other materials. With a conveniently versatile design and reliable storage conditions, our portable coolers are ideal for applications that require easy transportation of cold items, such as collecting samples or administering vaccines at an off-site location.

Two new models:
25 5/8" H x 21 5/8" W x 14 3/4" D
1 cu.ft.
(Orderable now; shippable 10/19)

25 7/8" H x 22" W x 17 1/2" D
2.8 cu.ft.
(Available now)


  • 12/24V DC operation to work with most vehicles

  • AC power adapter included for use with standard wall outlets

  • Factory-installed wheels for smooth mobility

  • Locking lid with two keys included

  • Externally located digital thermostat

  • Hammered aluminum interior

  • Strap handle included for easy steering

  • Functions as both a refrigerator (2-8ºC) or freezer (as low as -15ºC in SPRF36M2, -12ºC for limited storage in the SPRF86M2)

For more information, contact your Accucold representative today!

NEW PRODUCT: Pharmacy Vaccine/Medical Laboratory Series With Ventilated Drawers

NEW PRODUCT: Pharmacy Vaccine / Medical Laboratory Series With Ventilated Drawers

Bronx, NY, August 24, 2020 - We are now offering a new interior option on the 24" wide Pharmacy-Vaccine and Medical-Laboratory series refrigerators where they can be ordered as SKUs with factory-installed full-extension slide-out removable drawers. These are an option that can be added a la carte to the unit ("DR-Ventilated Drawer"). In an effort to make it easier to order, we have also created SKUs where the whole interior shelving system has been replaced by the drawers.

You can see the new SKUs below and see a video demonstrating the drawers on the product pages:

Pharmacy-Vaccine Drawer Series
Medical-Laboratory Drawer Series

For more information, contact your Accucold representative today!



Bronx, NY, July 31, 2020 - Ensure a cleaner, safer environment with Accucold’s step-to-open door pedal. Hands-free convenience to eliminate the spread of germs in busy facilities with one foot!

The Step-To-Open door pedal can be factory-installed on a large selection of 24" wide units. It requires a gentle step to open the door a full 90º, perfect for reducing germ spread on door handles and making it easier for someone with their hands full to access their unit.

Learn more about this option and see it in action here.

You can find the "STO" upgrade linked to applicable products on the website (currently, models beginning FF7, FF6, SCR600, CT66, VT65, and ACR45L). We expect to add this to more items over the next few weeks. We've also added one unit that includes both the STO and copper handle as an easy-to-order choice for facilities looking to limit germ transfer: FF7LWBITBCSTOADA

For more information, contact your Accucold representative today!



Bronx, NY, June 22, 2020 — PureTherm by Accucold, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), presents a safe, efficient way to keep blankets properly cared for with its redesigned single chamber blanket warmers. Available in three sizes, these units are ideal for use in hospitals, medical and physical therapy offices, gyms, spas, and similar environments seeking a user-friendly method to warm blankets.

Each blanket warmer utilizes a passive heating system with heaters located at the bottom of the cabinet and no fans or moving parts to ensure a near silent operation. A double-pane tempered glass door keeps the full blanket inventory in view, while a stainless steel interior and foamed-in-place cabinet are designed to improve insulation and durability. All models come with a set temperature range of 90 to 140ºF as recommended by the Joint Commission and other advisory organizations. Capacity ranges from 4.57 to 12.17 cu.ft. in 24 inch footprints.

“In redesigning our blanket warmers, our goal was to meet the needs of medical professionals by providing a more efficient way to keep blankets properly warmed,” says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. “Passive heating significantly reduces lint buildup, helping to ensure safer operation in hospitals and other medical facilities.” Additional features include adjustable cantilevered shelving, a hospital grade cord with ‘green dot’ plug for extra protection in high traffic areas, and a factory-installed lock for added security. An optional dolly is available for easy movement and cleanup.

PureTherm by Accucold blanket warmers are available through a nationwide network of equipment resellers. To learn more, visit or call 1-888-4-MED-LAB.



Bronx, NY, April 29, 2020 — Accucold, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), presents a safeguard against microbes and viruses, including COVID-19, with pure copper handles for refrigerators and freezers used in hospitals, waiting areas, patient rooms, doctors’ offices, schools, and similar environments seeking to ensure a cleaner, safer environment.

In the wake of COVID-19, ensuring clean and sanitary medical facilities has never been more vital to keeping clinical staff, patients, and visitors safe. One of the simplest methods for safeguarding – and ensuring a cleaner facility – is adding copper handles to appliances. Copper kills microbes in a shorter timeframe than other metals, helping to lessen microbe transfer, as well providing a durable, stylish finish to refrigeration.

Available on Accucold’s wide range of healthcare, medical, foodservice, and vaccine grade refrigeration, the new copper handle option comes in two style options. The “TBC” option includes a 12” long towel bar style handle, while the “CP” option comes with a full-length pipe style handle. Equipment sizes range from 1.4 to 21 cu.ft. capacity in compact, counter height, ADA-compliant, and full upright size, with white, black, and stainless steel exterior options. These handles are installed in FSI’s Bronx, NY, facilities.

“We wanted to create an easy, yet incredibly effective and safe solution that not only meets the needs of medical professionals but also helps to protect patients and guests,” says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. “The last thing someone wants to worry about when visiting a medical facility is microbes, and we believe that copper handle refrigerators and freezers help to ensure a cleaner facility while offering peace-of-mind.” Accucold’s pure copper accented refrigerators and freezers are available through a nationwide network of equipment resellers. To learn more, visit or call 1-888-4-MED-LAB.


MOMCUBE™ Provides Safe Storage of Breast Milk for Nursing Mothers

Bronx, NY, January 31, 2020 — Accucold, a manufacturer of medical and life science equipment, presents the ideal storage solution for nursing mothers. The MOMCUBE™ is a new line of breast milk refrigeration perfect for medical facilities, maternity wards, employee wellness rooms, daycare centers, and work environments adhering to Section 4207 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The MOMCUBE™ is laboratory-tested to stay within the CDC-recommended temperature range ensuring reliable, safe storage of breast milk. Designed to meet a multitude of storage needs, the MOMCUBE™ has two interior options. The “MCLK” series features locking compartments to provide added privacy for mothers storing bottles, travel bags, and other pumping accessories. The “MC” option features adjustable wire shelves that can be repositioned for optimal storage capacity. All MOMCUBE™ units come with an LED display for easy temperature viewing, audible and visual alarms to ensure temperature stability, and a factory-installed door lock for added security.

“We wanted to create an easy-to-use but incredibly reliable solution that meets the very specific needs of nursing mothers,” says Emily Intravia, Marketing Manager for Felix Storch, Inc. “When a woman returns to the workplace after maternity leave, the last thing she wants to worry about is storing her baby’s milk next to a coworker’s leftover burrito. We believe the MOMCUBE™ allows for privacy and peace-of-mind for mothers and employers alike.”

The MOMCUBE™ comes in a white cabinet with an easy-grip blue handle. Sizes range from 1 to 15 cu.ft. capacity in countertop, undercounter, ADA compliant, and full upright size. Accucold also offers a complementary line of freezers for longer term breast milk storage.

MOMCUBE™ refrigerators are available through a nationwide network of equipment resellers. To learn more about Accucold’s MOMCUBE™, visit or call 888-4-MEDLAB.


Performance Series By Accucold

Introducing Compact, Undercounter, ADA Height, & Full-Sized Refrigerators For Laboratory Applications

Bronx, NY, September 12th, 2019—Accucold, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), has launched a new series of purpose-built refrigeration to meet the demanding needs of scientific, life science, laboratory, and medical cold storage applications. Available in multiple sizes, the Performance Series Med-Lab line expands Accucold’s cold storage equipment offering into the life science market.

Each unit is designed specifically for optimum performance and convenient use in busy laboratory settings. All models feature an intelligent microprocessor digital temperature controller that keeps the current and high/low temperature viewable without the need to open the door. The temperature is read from a buffered probe stored in a glycol-filled bottle to better simulate the temperature of the product. An additional sensor reads the air temperature. This equipment is designed to operate between 2 and 10ºC, with password-protected parameters that allow experienced staff to adjust as needed.

“Life science storage applications require incredibly precise and reliable cold storage,” says Mark Manders, Vice President of the Accucold division. “With a +/- 1ºC temperature variance, we’re confident that the Med-Lab series will meet those standards while offering the convenient features that makes daily use easier for laboratory staff.”

Additional features include self-closing doors, keyed locks, and alarms for high/low temperature excursions, power outages, and door ajar warnings. Units are available with glass or solid doors in sizes that range from 1 cu.ft. to 15 cu.ft. To learn more, visit or call 718-893-3900.

Summit Appliance Launches the Industry's First Line of ADA Compliant Under Counter Kegerators

The Built-In Specialists Introduce Commercial Beer Dispensers Sized For Installation Under Lower ADA Compliant Counters

Bronx, NY, June 24, 2019 - For decades, Summit Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), has been answering the need for built-in appliances sized to fit under lower ADA compliant counters. Now, the Bronx-based manufacturer is filling a long-empty appliance gap with kegerators sized at just 32 inches high.

Available in stainless steel (SBC58 series) or with a glass door (SBC56 series), Summit’s newest kegerators are commercially approved to NSF-7 standards for use in foodservice applications. The units feature a front-breathing design that allows them to be installed under a counter with minimal clearance, important in size-constrained areas following ADA guidelines that require countertops be no higher than 34 inches.

“From sports stadiums to the growing trend of shared office spaces, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the demand for ADA compliant beverage equipment,” says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. “Beer dispensers have always posed a challenge to the appliance industry, but our engineering team has come up with an incredible solution that keeps all the features of a standard kegerator but in that key 32 inch size.”

Summit’s kegerators are available with or without tapping equipment, allowing alternate uses for wine or cold brew coffee dispensing. The interior can store up to two sixtel sized kegs. Additional full-sized and outdoor kegerators are available. To review products, click here.

Felix Storch, Inc. Achieves ISO 9001:2015

Appliance Manufacturer Reaffirms Its Commitment To Quality & Customer Satisfaction With the Latest International Quality Management Standards

Bronx, NY, March 9, 2017—Felix Storch Inc. (FSI), a manufacturer and distributor of specialty appliances, has upgraded its ISO certification from 9001:2008 to the newest quality management standard, 9001:2015. The company has been serving the residential, medical, commercial, and hospitality markets since 1969 and received its initial ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2015.

“We have always emphasized quality in both our products and operations, so achieving ISO 9001:2015 is a natural and important step for our company,” says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. “Upgrading to the newest standard was a positive challenge, as it helped our business improve our overall operational and management systems.”

To obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification, FSI’s management and administration system was evaluated by QAS International, a certification system that has been operating internationally for over twenty years. FSI was approved as an OEM manufacturer of specialty major appliances for the medical, commercial, hospitality, and residential markets.

ISO 9001:2015 is the latest of the 9001 quality management standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The newest standards include a greater emphasis on continuous improvement, leadership engagement, risk assessment, and supply chain management.

In addition to ISO 9001:2015 certification, FSI’s calibration laboratory under its Accucold medical division has ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification through Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. This laboratory is used for calibrating temperature monitoring equipment for medical, scientific, and commercial refrigeration markets.


Solid State Models Offer Huge Savings & Safer Operation Over Absorption Models

Bronx, NY, October 17th, 2016—Summit Appliance introduces a new line of silent minibars designed and priced to offer huge advantages over standard absorption units. Using an innovative Peltier heat pump system, the MBH series provides an environmentally friendly, energy-saving alternative for the hotel industry at an even lower cost.

Known for its extensive lineup of smaller kitchen appliances, Summit has a long relationship with the hospitality industry, often furnishing complete hotel suites with ranges, refrigerators, cooktops, and microwaves. After years of offering absorption minibars, the Bronx-based manufacturer is now looking at more efficient alternatives.

"Many of our hotel customers demand noiseless refrigeration, which you can’t achieve using a compressor-based refrigerator. On the other hand, silent absorption minibars pose some risk due to the dangers of ammonia they use in their cooling system," says Paul Storch, president of Felix Storch, Inc. "Our solid state thermoelectric models produce the same silent result as absorption units but with safer, greener construction."

Based on laboratory tests, Summit’s MBH series of solid and glass door minibars uses 30% less energy than absorption models. Because these units do not contain any fans or other moving parts, the vibration-free operation is absolutely silent, while the cooling system utilizes non-CFC-containing materials for a smaller carbon footprint.

Summit’s MBH minibar series is now available. To learn more, visit or call 1-800-932-4267.


Medical & Laboratory Refrigeration Brand Redesigns Website For an Improved User Experience

Bronx, NY, August 9, 2016—Accucold, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., has launched a new mobile-friendly website design for its medical, laboratory, and scientific refrigeration product line. The new version of was developed to create an easier customer experience in navigating the company's large product catalog, as well as provide various resources for the laboratory refrigeration industry.

Accucold specializes in manufacturing refrigerators and freezers for a variety of healthcare and scientific applications, from general purpose use in staff rooms to vaccine storage in hospitals. The website organizes the product catalog by application to help guide users to the proper feature level. All product categories include multiple search filters to enable users to narrow down their product choices to their exact specifications.

"The institutional refrigeration industry covers a very diverse range of products and applications," says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. "Our medical division website has been designed to meet the needs of a variety of customers, from pharmacies that need a compact locking refrigerator to laboratories searching for freezers than can store biological samples at ultra low temperatures." The website also includes products from Felix Storch, Inc.’s PureTherm division of warming cabinets.

In addition to the new layout, the website also includes several resources for medical refrigeration users including temperature conversion charts, FAQs about vaccine storage, and best practices for using institutional appliances. To learn more, visit


Temperature Logger Now Comes Standard With Alarm & User-Set Recording Intervals

Bronx, NY, January 17, 2016—Temperature logging is more convenient with Accucold by Summit Appliance’s newest USB data logger. The NIST calibrated DL2 allows users to set their own recording intervals and includes added user-friendly features for easier monitoring.

Designed for use with refrigerators or freezers, the DL2 is calibrated in an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified laboratory. The logger is accurate to .5ºC when recording temperature in a unit that runs anywhere between -10 to 10ºC. Data is recorded to an included 4GB USB flash drive that allows users to track and analyze temperature using any PC or Mac-based software. For added monitoring convenience, the DL2 includes a user-programmable high/low temperature alarm and a digital readout of the temperature viewable in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

"Several years ago, we introduced a USB data logger that allowed our customers to record all temperature data to a USB flash drive," says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. "Our customers loved the functionality, but requested a few added features and more recording flexibility. We incorporated their feedback into the new design to create the perfect logger to meet those needs."

The DL2 can be factory installed on any Accucold appliance or ordered separately for aftermarket installation as the DL2Kit.The actual logger is sized less than one inch in height so that it can be placed on top of a refrigerator installed under a counter.

To learn more, visit or call 1-800-932-4267.


Refrigeration, Cooking, and Laundry Appliances Create Complete Kitchen Convenience With Limited Floor Space

Bronx, NY, November 17, 2015—Architects and interior designers are finding new ways to give homeowners a full kitchen in less than half the space. Summit Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., produces a complete line of appliances designed for tiny and micro-kitchens.

From thin-line refrigeration to induction cooktops and even a new speed oven, Summit Appliance specializes in creating space-conscious appliances that offer full function and capacity. They offer a diverse line of refrigerators and matching frost-free freezers sized from 15” to 24” wide that can be installed under counters or in stackable space-saving sets. Slim upright refrigerator-freezers with unique counter depths are also available to give modern and traditional options based on the size and layout of the kitchen.

Summit Appliance’s most popular undercounter units, such as the 18” wide FF1843B refrigerator and matching SCFF1842 freezer, are offered with several finish options to best match any kitchen design. Choices for the undercounter line include white, black, stainless steel, and panel-ready options.

“With more and more living spaces decreasing the size of kitchens, we’ve seen a greater need for appliances with smaller footprints than the standard 30” stove and refrigerator,” says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. “With our extensive micro line, even the smallest studio apartment or container home can keep all the conveniences of a working kitchen without wasting an inch of space.”

In addition to Summit’s slim refrigeration line, other uniquely sized appliances include 18” wide dishwashers, 20” and 24” wide ranges, and 12” wide induction, electric, and LP or natural gas cooktops. The newest addition to the line is the CMV24, a 24” wide built-in speed oven that allows space-challenged kitchens to have a microwave, convection oven, and grill in one unit. For laundry needs, Summit offers several all-in-one washer/dryer combinations.

To learn more about Summit’s small kitchen line, visit or call 1-800-932-4267.

Summit PureTherm By Felix Storch, Inc. Introduces All-In-One Warming Cabinet & Refrigeration Combinations

Bronx, NY, September 20, 2015—Summit PureTherm, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., introduces a dual purpose solution to warm and cold storage with a new line of combination warming cabinet and refrigerators. Designed to keep blankets heated while also chilling refrigerated or frozen items, these units create an energy and space saving solution for small medical facilities.

Available in five configurations, the PureTherm combinations are sized with a 24” footprint to conserve floor space in small hospitals, physical therapy clinics, and doctors’ offices. A glass door warming cabinet is securely installed on top of either a refrigerator or freezer. When the unit is running, heat generated by the compressor is channeled upwards to the warming cabinet to keep the interior at 140ºF.

“Every refrigerator produces heat, which is typically just wasted into the air,” says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. “We created a system of utilizing that waste heat to power the warming cabinet. Essentially, you get the functionality of two separate appliances using the energy of just one. ” A small heating element is also included in the upper chamber to provide backup power when the compressor is not running.

Additional features include alarms to alert when drawers or doors are left open, digital thermostats for the lower units, and frost-free operation to minimize user maintenance. The Puretherm units are available in five styles with your choice of a front-opening or drawer style refrigerator or freezer, or with a lower glass door beverage center. All models ship fully assembled and include one hospital grade cord with a green dot plug. To learn more, visit

About Felix Storch, Inc.
Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), was founded in 1969 as a manufacturer and distributor of specialty major appliances. Through its Summit Appliance division, it now specializes in residential refrigeration, cooking, and laundry products, with a strong focus in undercounter and ADA compliant appliances. Summit Commercial caters to the commercial foodservice market. For medical and hospital grade appliances, FSI serves the market through its Accucold and PureTherm divisions, with an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified calibration laboratory. In 2015, FSI achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Power Source Helps Hotel Refrigerators Reduce Noise And Energy Consumption

Bronx, NY, August 21, 2015—Summit Appliance presents a new way for hotel guests to manage their in-room refrigeration settings with the HBOX168, an external power source that controls the refrigerator’s compressor.

The HBOX168 was designed to work with most refrigerators, giving hotel guests the option of how they want their unit to run. There are three options provided with the HBOX168: Normal mode, Off mode, & 16/8 Sound & Sleep Saver mode. Normal mode allows the unit to run regularly, Off mode completely disables the fridge, and 16/8 Sound and Sleep Saver mode turns the unit off at 11pm and resumes standard operations at 7am. The result of the fridge being shut off during that time frame helps to reduce energy consumption by up to 33%.

“We wanted to create a solution that saves energy but most importantly, eliminates guest complaints about units running throughout the night,” says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. “The HBOX168 also makes it easier to power the fridge on and off without having to unplug it, which can help staff save power when the rooms are vacant.”

The HBOX168 comes in a jet black finish with an LED display for the time and operating mode. It can be ordered with virtually any Summit Appliance, or ordered separately for use with other brands. To learn more about Summit’s HBOX168, visit or call 1-800-932-4267.

Summit Appliance Launches New Company Website

New Design Features User-Friendly Interface To Enable Faster Product Searching

Bronx, NY, July 23, 2015—Summit Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., has launched a brand new website for its residential and commercial product lines. The new design of is intended to make it easier for users to navigate the extensive catalog. Additionally, the site offers more product information and new user-friendly resources.

In the last few years, Summit Appliance has expanded its product offerings and now carries the largest selection of built-in undercounter and ADA compliant refrigeration in the appliance industry. In order to improve the user experience in exploring these product lines, the new website was redesigned with a strong emphasis on detailed product filters. Additionally, the site incorporated an auto-fill search box for users to locate products or categories more easily. Other features include downloadable product brochures, a troubleshooting section, online request forms for service and parts, and informative articles on product use.

"Our previous website was a great tool for our company, but the new design takes our brand to the next level," says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. "The new layout is not only more attractive, but has also been designed to meet the specific needs of both our vast product line and our detail-oriented customer base."

The new website maintains the same web address as the previous The site was developed and designed to be compatible with current browsers and mobile devices. Product pages can be shared via email and other social media outlets.

Felix Storch, Inc. Achieves ISO 9001:2008

Appliance Manufacturer Affirms Its Commitment To Quality & Customer Satisfaction Through Systematic Monitoring & Improvements

Bronx, NY, March 3, 2015—Felix Storch Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of specialty appliances, has received ISO 9001:2008 certification for its management systems, standards, and guidelines. The company has been serving the residential, medical, commercial, and hospitality markets since 1969.

"As our company grows with each product development and new customer, it is vital to our business to maintain the highest level of quality in our output and operations," says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. "The ISO quality principles will help our staff maintain a quality system with a powerful customer focus."

To obtain ISO 9001:2008 certification, FSI’s management and administration system was evaluated by QAS International, a certification system that has been operating internationally for over twenty years. Felix Storch, Inc., was approved as an OEM manufacturer of specialty major appliances for the medical, commercial, hospitality, and residential markets.

ISO 9001:2008 is the latest of the 9001 quality management standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). For this certification, a company must meet a variety of requirements in their quality system, including documenting procedures, monitoring output for defects, applying corrective action, regularly reviewing the quality system, and striving for continuous improvement.

In addition to ISO 9001:2008 certification, Felix Storch, Inc., is currently in the process of achieving ISO 17025:2005 certification through Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc., for its in-house laboratory under its Accucold division.

Felix Storch, Inc. Teams Up With Nonprofit To Bring Employment Opportunities To the Homeless

Partnership With Jericho Project Yields Success For Veterans

May 27, 2014--Felix Storch, Inc., was pleased to be featured in the New York Daily News for recognition of its hiring practices. Since 2012, Felix Storch, Inc. (FSI), has been employing dozens of entry level staff members through its collaboration with Jericho Project, a nonprofit that provides housing and employment services to the homeless.

Based in midtown Manhattan, Jericho Project offers workshops and job training sessions to homeless individuals before coordinating their employment with companies like FSI. Through their Veterans Initiative, Jericho Project has helped over 550 veterans find housing and employment opportunities, including some at FSI.

FSI has also benefited greatly, as its partnership with Jericho Project has grown its workforce with quality employees. You can read the full article here.

Summit Appliance Brings More Choices Under the Counter

The Largest Collection of Built-In & ADA Compliant Refrigerators On the Market

Bronx, NY, April 28, 2014—Summit Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., continues to expand its virtually endless line of undercounter appliances with choices in 12”, 15”, 18”, 20”, 24”, and 30” widths.

Since introducing its built-in product line, Summit Appliance has become one of the industry’s largest manufacturers of undercounter appliances, offering all-refrigerators, frost-free and low temperature all-freezers, refrigerator-freezers, wine cellars, and drawer units. Doors can be customized in stainless steel or integrated door frames designed to accept customer supplied overlay panels.

"We carry a wide assortment of the standard cutouts sizes—24” x 24”—that are very easy to integrate in a pre-designed kitchen or suite," says Steve Ross, Vice President of Felix Storch, Inc. "Over the last few years, we’ve also seen an increasing demand for slimmer appliances."

The smallest of these units is Summit Appliance’s SWC1224, a built-in wine cellar sized at just 12” wide. Other popular models include the CT66BBISSTB, a refrigerator-freezer constructed in Europe and finished with a 304 grade stainless steel wrapped door. Like most of Summit Appliance’s undercounter line, this unit can be ordered in a lower 32” height to fit under counters complying with ADA guidelines for accessibility.

Summit Appliance will be displaying these model at the upcoming HD Expo (Booth 3443). For more information, visit or call 1-800-932-4267.

Summit Appliance Introduces Energy Saving Door Tints

Bronx, NY, April 3, 2014—Glass door refrigerators are getting an energy efficient makeover with Summit Appliance’s new tinted door options. Available in four styles, these tints help to prevent light from damaging stored items, thereby reducing energy consumption and saving on running costs.

"Many wine enthusiasts love to display their collections behind glass doors, but this puts every bottle in a vulnerable place," says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. "Even double or triple pane glass will allow some light to penetrate the door. This forces the refrigerator or wine cellar to work harder to maintain its temperature."

Summit’s door tints are designed to help combat the harmful effects of natural and artificial light. Using Clear Distortion Free adhesive technology, reflective or low-e film is applied directly to the glass doors of any Summit beverage center or wine cellar.

Four different color options provide a range in energy savings and interior visibility. A mirror finish in low-e film allows maximum energy savings, rejecting 85% of solar energy and reducing glare by 87%. Blue tints come in two styles: a midnight blue finish with 69% solar energy rejection and glare reduction, and a lighter blue that provides more interior visibility. For the customer looking for moderate protection, Summit offers a light smoke tint that keeps stored items in view. All options reject up to 99% of UV rays.

"There are some applications where a door tint can be absolutely vital to cold storage," says Storch. "When a refrigerator is placed in direct sunlight, a tinted door will offer noticeable improvement in its temperature performance. On the other hand, some customers just love the look."

Summit carries an extensive selection of built-in and full-size wine cellars, as well as commercial beverage centers and outdoor display refrigerators. All units can be customized with these door tints. To learn more about the energy savings of door tinting and to view the different options, visit

Felix Storch, Inc. Awarded Design Patent

Space-Saving Range Hood For Over-The-Range Microwaves To Launch In 2015

Bronx, NY, June 13, 2014—Having manufactured and distributed major specialty appliances since 1969, Felix Storch, Inc., is now expanding its design division with a U.S. patent for its 'C-Hood' ventilation project.

"Over the years, many of our customers have asked for more solutions to venting smaller built-in microwaves," says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. "Most of what they find on the market is aimed at the standard American kitchen, which is simply too large for our niche customers with space constraints."

Through its Summit Appliance division, Felix Storch, Inc., caters to the more unique needs of smaller living spaces. In 2012, the company decided to pursue the development of a proprietary 24" wide 'C-Hood,' a stainless steel 'c' shaped cabinet designed to hold a microwave and provide air filtration through a recirculating process. On June 3, 2014, Felix Storch, Inc., was awarded a United States Design Patent for this project.

"When it comes to the small kitchen market, every inch of space counts," Storch says. "Being able to house a microwave under your cabinet frees up counter space, something that can be a true luxury in tight apartment kitchens."

The C-Hood will also include the standard features found on ventilation products, including a fan and light. Production is slated to begin in the fourth quarter of 2014 in the company’s Bronx manufacturing facility. For more information about Summit Appliance and its complete product line, visit

New Two-Drawer Refrigerator-Freezer Brings Innovation Under the Counter

Summit Appliance Introduces Frost-Free SPRF2DIM Refrigerator-Freezer

Bronx, NY, January 13, 2014—Summit Appliance is expanding its collection of built-in undercounter appliances with a new two-drawer refrigerator-freezer.

Sized for 24” wide cutouts, the SPRF2DIM offers the complete convenience of a separate refrigerator and freezer section, a rare design feature on drawer units. The exterior is fully wrapped in 304 grade stainless steel, with slim handles designed to match many popular styles of residential cabinetry.

“We’re seeing more and more drawer appliances integrated into kitchen design, partly due to the modern look but also for the space savings,” says Steve Ross, Vice President of Felix Storch, Inc. “The SPRF2DIM provides plenty of frozen and fresh storage in a 24” footprint.”

Both sections utilize frost-free operation to eliminate the manual defrosting process. Additional features include a digital thermostat, interior light, and factory installed icemaker.

The SPRF2DIM measures 34” H x 23.75” W x 24.25” D and can be installed built-in under standard counters or used freestanding. To learn more about this unit and Summit’s complete line of built-in appliances, visit or call 1-800-932-4267.

Summit Appliance Launches PureTherm™ Line of Warming Cabinets

Bronx, NY, April 29, 2013— In continuing its development as a leading supplier of medical equipment, Felix Storch Inc., will be launching a new product line of IEC and ETL-listed blanket warmers for hospital use. Manufactured under the new brand PureTherm™, this warming cabinet series is expected to be available in the summer of 2013, with all production taking place in the U.S. facilities of Felix Storch, Inc.

Best known for its refrigeration and freezer line, Felix Storch Inc., currently manufactures and distributes medical grade appliances primarily through its Accucold® brand. The new PureTherm™ blanket warmers have already passed the IEC 61010-1 standard for laboratory use of electrical equipment. This series comes in a modular design, with all warming components and the digital thermostat housed in an upper compartment to maximize capacity and ensure easy maintenance.

The first model available is mid-sized warming cabinet PHC115G, with a double pane tempered glass door that offers a display all the way down to the floor. This model features a stainless steel interior for improved sanitation, as well as a digital thermostat, cantilevered shelving, and a self-closing door. An undercounter model is expected to be available later this year.

Several more sizes and options, including built-in capable units, are expected to be available later this year. All PureTherm™ warming cabinets can also be customized with a variety of interior and exterior features, including 3” or 6” casters and alternative exterior finishes.

To learn more about the PureTherm™ line, including pricing and availability, call us today at 718-893-3900 or visit

Summit Appliance Introduces the Ingenious Collection of Counter Depth Refrigeration

Bronx, NY, July 10, 2013— Space-challenged kitchens can get an upgrade with Summit Appliance’s new Ingenious line of refrigeration, full-size household units with unique features for the user. Available in two sizes, these frost-free refrigerator-freezers put innovative design in hard-to-find footprints

"The Ingenious Collection has a dramatic look, yet the units themselves are incredibly practical," says Paul Storch, President of Felix Storch, Inc. "The curved doors and platinum color are quite stylish, while the actual product features are designed for true user convenience."

Those features include a digital control panel on the door's exterior that lets users set an open door alarm, reduce the energy consumption for short holidays, and set the Power Cool function to rapidly chill the interior (ideal for bringing room temperature items like groceries to a colder temperature). The freezer compartment includes the Smart Fill Ice Factory, a no-spill system for making ice cubes, and the Express Chill Zone, a rapid cooling compartment that can be programmed on a timer-based system. Additional features include glass shelves, door storage, interior lighting, and multiple crisper storage drawers.

"When you’re looking for a counter deep refrigerator, your options are generally limited to wider units that take up too much space or built-in models that come with a very high price tag," Storch says. "Because of their height, the Ingenious models manage to maintain full-size storage capacity in slimmer widths than what you generally find when looking for counter deep units. They also come at a much lower price than the built-in models on the market."

The units available are the 18 cu.ft. FF1935PL (73” H x 29.25” W x 27” D) and 14 cu.ft. FF1525PL (73" H x 26" W x 26.25" D). To learn more about these units and see the Ingenious features in action, visit or call Summit at 1-800-932-4267.

New RSS Feeds

August 30, 2010--SUMMIT Appliance has launched three new RSS feeds to keep dealers updated on product changes. Customers may subscribe to updates on new products, out of stock listings, and updates to any existing product data, including new photography or specification changes.

To learn more about these feeds, visit

Felix Storch Inc. Completes Specialized Training Program for Company Staff

June 4, 2010, Bronx, NY--Felix Storch Inc. congratulates its staff on graduating from a yearlong training program with NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS). For the second year in a row, employees of SUMMIT Appliance participated in on-site training with weekly courses in a broad curriculum.

"We viewed this opportunity as an investment, both in our individual employees and our whole company's growth," said Paul Storch, Vice President of Felix Storch Inc. "An educated workforce helps us improve every aspect of our day-to-day output because each employee has the skills to contribute more efficiently."

Over the past year, production, warehouse, and customer service staff members studied industry-specific subjects that included lean manufacturing and quality control. Employees also worked to improve their language and math skills, taking classes in ESL and remedial to advanced mathematics. Sixty-four employees participated in both traditional classroom activities and more hands-on training including hipot testing and forklift safety.

The program was funded by a $242,919 grant from NYC Business Solutions Training Funds, which was matched by a $202,750 employer contribution. SBS is dedicated to keeping local businesses competitive while providing entry-level workers with career advancement opportunities.

With an extensive product line that requires precise in-house customization, SUMMIT Appliance has a special demand for skilled employees in the mechanical field. "We do our best to keep as much production in the city as possible, resulting in minimal lead time and faster deliveries," adds Storch. "The more rounded our employees are, the better we can provide for our customers."

New Website For Medical Product Line

March 26, 2010, Bronx, NY--Summit Appliance launches the next generation website for its medical division of refrigerators, freezers, and ADA compliant major appliances.

Following the successful redesign of in August 2009, the new features brand new product photography and printable two-page brochures. Users can search for products by general size and type, or use specific filters to narrow search results by features.

The new website also includes additional resources for medical users, including series-specific guides on Summit models and a series of articles on vaccine storage and handling.

"We carry one of the most comprehensive medical lines of refrigeration in the industry," said Paul Storch, Vice President of Felix Storch, Inc. "Our new website should make finding the right product for our customers a direct and easy process."

Also featured on the new website is Summit Appliance's Accucold division of scientific refrigeration, a line exclusively designed for the storage of vaccines and medical goods.

Visit to explore the new website and product lines.

About SUMMIT Appliance

Since 1969, SUMMIT Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of major appliances for commercial, household, medical, and laboratory use, including the industry's largest selection of built-in under counter refrigeration and a complete series of ADA compliant models.

Product Features:
  • Digital thermostat
  • Recessed LED lighting
  • Factory installed lock
  • Reversible stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Professional handle
  • Adjustable shelves (wooden or chrome)

SUMMIT Appliance Advances Cold Storage with ACCUCOLD™ Refrigeration

February 11, 2010, Bronx, NY--SUMMIT Appliance introduces ACCUCOLD™, a new line of compact and under counter refrigeration designed to store vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and other specimens at precise temperatures.

Ideally sized with 24" footprints or compact cube dimensions, SUMMIT ACCUCOLD™ all-refrigerators and all-freezers are specially featured with advanced upgrades most requested by the laboratory community. Front locks, high temperature alarms with external temperature displays, hospital grade plugs, and self-closing doors are standard, with internal fans and heat sinks installed on all refrigerators.

All SUMMIT ACCUCOLD™ models are U.L. approved and meet commercial and CalCode standards. 24" wide built-in capable models are also available in a 32" high version to fit under lower ADA compliant counters.

For more information, visit SUMMIT Appliance online at or call 718-893-3900.

About SUMMIT Appliance

Since 1969, SUMMIT Appliance, a division of Felix Storch, Inc., has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of major appliances for commercial, household, medical, and laboratory use, including the industry's largest selection of built-in under counter refrigeration and a complete series of ADA compliant units.

Beer Frosters Bring Out the Best In Bottles and Cans

March 24, 2010, Bronx, NY--Bottled beer reaches new depths of ice cold refreshment in Summit Appliance's unique series of Cold Cavern™ beer frosters.

These compact and counter height freezers are designed exclusively to hold cans and bottles at 24ºF, beer's lowest point before freezing. Bottles get so cold, they literally "frost" over when removed from the unit, keeping the beer inside at a near-freezing temperature.

While many ales and darker brews are traditionally served at warmer temperatures, domestic lights are generally enjoyed as cold as possible. "For a lot of beer drinkers, there's just nothing more refreshing than an ice cold beer," says Paul Storch, Vice President of Summit Appliance. "A beer froster gives you the same sensation you get in a frosted glass, but lets you keep beer in the bottle. It's more convenient for home entertaining."

Beer frosters are available for commercial or home use, with options in automatic defrost and with stainless steel doors. Summit Appliance beer frosters include original door decals with high resolution imagery and text options for English and Spanish speaking markets.

In addition to beer frosters, Summit Appliance carries an extensive line of beer dispensers, wine cellars, and general and specialty refrigeration. To learn more, visit or call 718-893-3900.

About Summit Appliance

Since 1969, Summit Appliance has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of major appliances for commercial, household, medical, and laboratory use, including the industry's largest selection of built-in undercounter refrigeration and a complete series of ADA compliant units.

Transporting Vaccines Is Safer With SUMMIT Appliance

January 14, 2010, Bronx, NY--Vaccines are sensitive biological substances that can become less effective, or even destroyed, when exposed to temperatures outside the recommended range. That's why these materials must be stored properly from the time they are manufactured until they are administered, a challenge many medical facilities face when transporting pharmaceuticals or providing mobile health care services.

To address this need, SUMMIT Appliance, a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical refrigeration, has introduced the SPRF26M, a portable 12/24 volt refrigerator/freezer designed for the safe and stable transport of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and other specimens that require consistent temperature conditions.

SUMMIT SPRF26M utilizes a powerful compressor designed to maintain precise temperatures at refrigerator or freezer levels (-18ºC capable). For portable use, this unit can be plugged into the 12V DC lighter socket inside any vehicle or 24V battery source to allow stable temperature control on the road. An AC adapter is also included for alternate use in 110V electrical wall outlets.

"Medical storage requires a more advanced design than an everyday cooler," says Steve Ross, Vice President of Marketing for SUMMIT Appliance. "Solid construction and true insulation are essential, and the SPRF26M's resilient plastic body is built to hold up to rugged use." For further safety, the SPRF26M includes a digital thermostat with external temperature readout. This feature helps to limit the time contents spend exposed to ambient temperature, as users can monitor the temperature without opening the lid.

In addition to temperature stability, SUMMIT SPRF26M is specifically featured for professional storage in medical applications. A keyed chrome lock allows more security for storing sensitive materials, a serious consideration when administering certain vaccines or collecting samples in the field. SUMMIT Appliance also provides a wheeled trolley for smooth mobility when transporting the unit.

To learn more about this model, visit or call 718-893-3900.

Diamond Plate Finish Brings Industrial Edge to Under Counter Beer Dispensers

November 6, 2009, Bronx, NY-- Household, commercial, and outdoor beer dispensers have long been a staple of Summit Appliance's product line, with 24" wide units in black, brass, and stainless steel. Now, Summit Appliance brings the option of textured diamond plate to doors on single, double, and triple tap beer dispensers.

This aluminum finish can be applied to freestanding or built-in units in Summit Appliance's SBC490 line of auto defrost beer dispensers. All models can accommodate half, quarter, and mini kegs and come with a complete tap kit and CO2 tank. Household and commercial units feature a black cabinet and include a curved towel bar handle in polished stainless steel.

"We've seen the diamond plate design everywhere from commercial garages to carefully furnished man caves," says Paul Storch, Vice President of Summit Appliance. "It's a natural look for beer dispensers because it brings rugged style to a product normally confined to stainless steel or solid black."

The wrapping is rustproof and can also be ordered on under counter refrigerators and freezers from Summit Appliance. To learn more, visit or call 718-893-3900.