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Purpose Built Refrigeration By Accucold

Accucold offers a wide range of refrigerators and freezers that can be customized to meet the unique needs of the medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and scientific industry. In order to provide the best products for different applications, we put together feature packages for all sizes of our refrigeration line to help our customers find the right amount of temperature assurance to suit their storage requirements. Whether you're in need of a basic locking compact with a NIST calibrated temperature readout or an advanced laboratory grade refrigerator to maintain a steady temperature for sensitive vaccines, our feature packages will provide the right level of storage for your activities.

VAC Series

Trusted Temperature Stability For Vaccine Storage

Accucold's VAC line features specially engineered products to best comply with the CDC and VFC's recommendations for vaccine storage, with a temperature range that will stay within 2ºC of the set point. Available on compact, built-in, and ADA compliant sized refrigerators and freezers, the VAC series comes standard with a variety of features, including digital thermostats, self-closing doors, high/low temperature alarms with NIST calibrated temperature readouts, hospital grade cords, flat door liners, keyed locks, access ports for user-installed monitoring equipment, and increased wall insulation for reduced temperature consumption and improved stability.

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MED2 Series

Medical Refrigeration Designed For User Convenenience

MED2 refrigerators and freezers are also engineered to meet CDC and VFC guidelines for vaccine storage. All units in this series feature an innovative design to ensure easier use, with exterior control panels that put the thermostat, alarm, and temperature display front and center. Locks are positioned towards the top of larger units to allow easier access for staff. Compact, undercounter, ADA compliant, and full-sized units are available, all with static cooling systems to eliminate the temperature spikes often caused by defrost heaters.

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PLUS2 Series

General Purpose Storage With NIST Calibrated Thermometers

Ideal for doctors' offices, clinics, and other facilities, the PLUS2 series offers a higher level of performance and features than standard refrigerators. All models are equipped with NIST calibrated thermometers that provide a continuous display of the current, minimum, and maximum temperature of the interior, a feature recommended by many health departments and other institutional guidelines. This series includes a wider variety of products, including all-refrigerators, all-freezers, and refrigerator-freezers. Sizes include compact, undercounter, ADA compliant, drawer style, and full-sized models.

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PRO Series

General Purpose Storage In a Customizable Design

Accucold's PRO line features refrigerators and freezers specially designed for facilities that are installing their own monitoring equipment. All units include a factory-installed access port to accept aftermarket data loggers or alarms. The interiors are manufactured to ensure improved temperature stability over non-institutional refrigeration. These units can be further customized with a variety of Accucold features, allowing users to build the right refrigerator or freezer for their own facilities' needs.

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