MEDDT Series Refrigeration by Accucold

Accucold’s MEDDT Series features an assortment of laboratory refrigerators and freezers designed to provide more precision in temperature management. All units include an external digital thermostat to allow staff to adjust the temperature without opening the door. We also provide a temperature alarm that includes a NIST calibrated readout of the current and high/low temperature inside the unit to the nearest tenth of a degree, a key feature recommended by the CDC and other organizations for ensuring more accuracy in medical refrigeration. MEDDT units are available in compact, built-in, freestanding, ADA compliant, drawer, and mid-range sizes.

Standard MEDDT feature package:
  • Digital thermostat externally located to allow users to manage the temperature without opening the door
  • High/low temperature alarm with a NIST certified display of the current and high/low temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Hospital grade cord with a ‘green dot’ plug for sturdier installation in wall sockets
  • Access port for users to install their own additional monitoring equipment
  • Factory installed keyed lock (optional on drawer units)
  • Interior fan with heat sink to help stabilize interior temperature from top to bottom (refrigerators only)
  • Flat interior door liner without shelves as recommended by the CDC (most units)
  • Wire shelves for improved air circulation throughout the interior
  • Foamed-in-place cabinet for efficient insulation

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