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Temperature Monitoring by Accucold

Accucold offers a range of options to maintain a more stable temperature inside refrigerators and freezers. From digital thermostats to NIST calibrated data loggers, we can customize virtually any appliance to best serve your facility’s needs. Some of our more popular temperature control and monitoring devices are listed below.

Digital Thermostats

USB Temperature Loggers

Standard on many models or factory added with a "DT" suffix, our precision digital thermostat can display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Upon order, customers should specify desired temperature set point and range to ensure the unit is best suited for its particular storage conditions.

NIST calibrated in our ISO 17025:2017 certified laboratory, our temperature loggers are designed to record a refrigerator or freezer’s interior temperature and save all data to a convenient USB thumb drive. The data can then be read and analyzed in Microsoft Excel or any similar software. These units include a NIST calibrated readout of the current and high/low temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree (as recommended by the CDC), as well as an audible high/low temperature alarm. This can be factory installed upon order to any Accucold or Summit appliance, or ordered separately and used with other brands of refrigeration. Click here to learn more about out data loggers.

NIST Calibrated Temperature Alarm

NIST Calibrated Thermometer

For optimum temperature assurance, we offer the Accucold Alarm as an option on virtually all refrigerators or freezers. This stainless steel alarm provides a NIST calibrated readout of the current, high, and low temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit) to the nearest tenth of a degree, with an audio and visual alert for when the temperature rises or falls out of the user-set range. The sensor is enclosed in a glycol-filled bottle for more accuracy in measuring the temperature. This alarm can be factory installed on most of our product line.

Our thermometer displays the current and high/low interior temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, as well as the room temperature. The sensor is enclosed in a glycol-filled bottle to protect it from rapid temperature changes that occur when the door is opened. This thermometer is powered by an AAA lithium battery and includes a visual low battery alert. To add this option to any refrigerator or freezer, order your unit with the option "TT".

Re-Calibration Services

Over time, all monitoring devices will experience drift, causing sensors to display inaccurate temperature readings. to ensure your thermometer or data logger is reporting the proper temperature, it must be re-calibrated every two years. Accucold offers this service on all NIST calibrated equipment. Learn more at

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