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Secure Your Storage Interior & Exterior Locking Options For Accucold Refrigeration Equipment

Exterior Locking Options

Keyless Keypad-Based Systems

Eliminate the concerns of lost or copied keys with our keypad locks. Ideal for facilities who value security and staff convenience.

KAL Keyless Access Locks (for Pharma-Vac & Med-Lab Performance Series)

  • Option: KAL

Standard AC or Battery-Powered Keypad Locks (can be added to most solid door units)

  • Option: KEYPAD
  • Option: AC KEYPAD
Keyless Keypad-Based Systems Image

Dial Combination Locks

Our basic combination lock lets your team set a 4-digit combination code. In the event of lost combinations, the lock can be overridden with two included master keys.

  • Option: LLF2
This option can be installed on single or 2-door models.

Standard Keyed Locks

All units with locks ship with a set of 2 keys. Most are mounted on the front door, though we do offer a side lock or double side lock for select 2-door units

  • Option: L-Installed Lock

Interior Locking Options


Constructed from heavy gauge steel, our LockBox option is available as a factory-installed or aftermarket option on select Accucold refrigerators. The compartments are secured by our LLF2 combination lock with a key override.

  • Option: LockBox (details vary by SKU)

Available in white, stainless steel, or with a front window to display stored contents.


Individual compartments factory-installed inside select 24” wide units, each independently secured by our LLF2 combination lock to allow private storage in shared refrigerators. Lockers are sized 11" H x 9 ⅜" W.

  • Option: View our selection or special order on select units by contacting our sales team at 1-888-4-MED-LAB

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